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Company Profile

         Dongguan Kanghan Plastic Pigment Co., Ltd. self-built workshop: research and development, production and agency distribution brand: pigments, dyes, auxiliaries, color masterbatch nearly a thousand varieties, is the domestic direct distribution of brands and varieties, one of the high-tech enterprises. It is the first choice for customers to save time, save costs, and improve quality.

         The following are our first-level imported brands: Clariant pigments, dyes, Lanxess Bayer music, American BRILLIANT phosphor, Brazil 4175 silver powder, Honeywell 6A, DIC, etc.

         Variety classification: Solvent dyes: 3G yellow, 2G yellow, 3G orange, GS red, EG red, FB red, R violet, etc. Pigment Red: 254, 2BP, 2BSP, BBC, A6B, 122, Jinguang C Red, 176#, 185#, 19#, 149#, etc. Pigment Yellow: HR, HR02, HGR, GR, HG, 110#, 81#, 183#, 138#, 139#, etc. Pigment Orange: 16#, 34#, 73#, 20#, 68#, 38#, 36#, 64#, etc. Pigment blue: BGS, 15:0, 15:3, 15:4, etc. Pigment green: G7 green, 8730, 2730, etc. Pigment black: oily black, 660R, MA100 black powder, 50L, M-800, 1000#, etc. Diffusing agent: Malaysia EBS, Japanese Kao, domestic EBS, wax powder, Clariant 3620, high-efficiency diffusing agent, etc. Additives: UV531, UV-P, 326, 327, 2020, 1010, 168, etc. Titanium dioxide series: R69, 103, R-350, TC30, FC5, 666, R886, R895, R853, 821, 616, 248, etc.

Kanghan Pigment, an enterprise focusing
on the pigment industry for 20 years

Kanghan Plastic Pigment Co., Ltd.It has been engaged in the production and
sales of pigments since 1998. After the establishment of the company,
Implement international standardization management.
In several years of practice, combined with the actual situation of different customers,
gradually formed and improved the technical department.
According to customer performance requirements, make solutions
We proceed from the customer’s point of view, according to the actual situation of the customer. Strive to provide customers with stable quality products and personalized services.
It can bring convenience to customers' production and operation, and promote the improvement of customer product market competitiveness.
The stability of product quality meets environmental
protection requirements

We always pursue high-quality and stable quality, preferential and reasonable prices.
Flexible business philosophy, complete product variety, and perfect technical
consultation make Kanghan truly become.
The best partner in plastics, leather, handicrafts, cosmetics, toys and other industries.
Perfect service system, let you cooperate without worries
Years of professional formation and thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales service, in order to solve the coloring problems existing in customers,
Kanghan Pigment has prepared sufficient technical personnel to come to assist with technical difficulties at any time.
Service line:0769-81305553

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